Applesauce Love

This is the very first year that ALL of our apple trees are producing abundantly.  What a blessing (and a curse)!  So far Jamie has made three pies (he’s a good pie maker and even makes his own crust).  I’ve dehydrated 8 quarts of apple rings, and made raspberry-apple sauce.  We also put “pie sized” portions of apple slices in the freezer for later use.

Today I focused on making plain applesauce.  The recipe I followed is through the National Center for Home Food Preservation and it calls for 13.5 lbs of apples to make 9 pints of applesauce.  Yes you read right!  That’s just a tad under a 1/2 bushel.  To start the process I washed, peeled, cored and sliced two different varieties – macoun and yellow delicious.  I have one of those handy dandy apple gadgets that make peeling, coring and slicing easier . . . but it only works well on perfectly round apples.  Our organic apples are not wormy (so grateful) but they also aren’t perfectly round.  So I keep a regular hand peeler, corer, and knife nearby as well.  My kitchen scale has come in very handy for projects like these.  I didn’t have one in the earlier years and I made do.  But now that I have one, I appreciate it 🙂  Be sure to check out the “Applesauce Love Gallery” up next for some visual delights and tips.