Harvesting Mullein Leaves

When I was walking the gardens recently, I realized we have 6 wild mullein plants growing behind the wild stinging nettles and three others growing in the gardens 🙂 I’m so grateful that Jamie knew what they were, and didn’t “weed” them when they first sprouted!

Tonight I wanted to harvest some of the beautiful mullein leaves to dry for tea. I’m familiar with the benefits of this medicinal plant, but I’ve never harvested mullein before so I did some research online. I wasn’t sure if I should cut down the whole plant or just the leaves. After searching the net I saw it can be done both ways. So I called Rosie, a fellow herbalist and beloved family member. She explained that I can harvest just the leaves, leaving the flower stalk to mature. Then once all of the flowers bloom, I’ll be able to harvest them too  Perfect!

We’ve lived at our home for almost 30 years and never realized we had wild nettles and mullein growing until last summer. Maybe you do too! I hope this post inspires you to look in your yard and neighborhood more closely 😉

This is one of my favorite write ups about the amazing benefits of mullein by Anthony William.