Judy and her husband, Jamie, have been walking the organic gardening path together for over 35 years.  They built their home, tilled their gardens, planted trees, and started their beloved family in a small, rural CT town that most people never heard of.  Jamie was a “weekend warrior” gardener for many years while working full time at the phone company.  Judy founded a large childcare center in their community so she could be with their growing family but still earn an income.

Once the three kids got older, Judy began to pursue her other love – holistic health.  She completed a 3-year course in Transformational Energy Healing, studied Homeopathy, earned a certificate from eCornell in Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutrition, and is currently studying Herbalism.  She lives her life with a deep understanding that “we are what we eat” and must treat our bodies with respect by eating pure, whole, super nutritious foods.  For over 35 years Judy has carefully stocked her pantry with only wholesome and nourishing foods, cooked meals from scratch, and “put up” the annual harvest so that home grown food is available year round.  She’s full of recipes and inspiration to help one transition to a healthier way of eating.

Judy was blessed to work with Anthony William Medical Medium for 2+ years, is grateful that he referred hundreds of his beloved clients to her, and is honored to be acknowledged in his first book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic Illness and How to Finally Heal.  Her approach, as a Holistic Health Practitioner, is to carefully look at the complete picture and suggest solutions which promote the person’s innate ability to self-heal and maintain vibrant health. 

All of the recipes offered on this blog are Medical Medium friendly vegan recipes without corn, soy, wheat, sugar, nutritional yeast or other hidden sources of MSG.


1976 – When Judy & Jamie began their journey together.